On-Time Arrivals


One of the questions I get is how I stay on schedule, especially on days that I have multiple appointments with little breathing room in between. This is where my iPhone comes in handy. Let’s say I have a meeting at 8:40 during a teacher’s planning and I know I need to leave by 9:05 to get to my next commitment. I set my phone countdown timer for twenty minutes. At 9:00, my harp alerts us to the time and we wrap up our conversation so I can be on my way.

Some coaches have expressed that they don’t like being driven by a timer so I know it’s not for everyone. I value being on time for my commitments and find that when I know there’s an external reminder I can be present at the meeting and don’t have to watch the clock. I often say, “I’m going to set my timer so I can focus on our conversation. It’ll go off a few minutes before we need to finish up so I can stick to the time frame we set.”

On days that I know things may run tight, I also let teachers know that in the notes area of our Outlook appointment. I’ll write, “I’ll be coming directly from co-teaching a lesson so I may run a few minutes behind.”

What helps you stay on schedule?

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  1. Great post, Heather. It reminds me of a coaches’ need to have a “transparent schedule.” I encourage coaches to post their schedules on the office door. I know a coach who spoofed WHERE’S WALDO? with a WHERE’S JULIE poster on her door (along with her schedule). Being on time is the ultimate demonstration of respect and courtesy.

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