What’s New On February’s Mentor Texts Shelf?


It’s that time again. This week our friend and colleague Amanda Adrian was our guest reader. She shared two of her current favorites that please her student audience and her boys at home. I was delighted when I discovered that Maribeth Boelts author of Those Shoes has a new book out called Happy Like Soccer that addresses issues that face many of our students. There tends to be friendly behind-the-scenes battles over certain books when we prepare for this class. While Amanda and I tugged on Happy Like Soccer, Sean was thrilled to have Bluebird all to himself. In the end, we were happy with our mix of informational/literary and primary/intermediate selections so that everyone might find something new to try.

Click here for a PDF of our handout.

Whats-New-One-Pager-Feb copy

What are you using for mentor texts?

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