Using Video Clips While Presenting: Part Two

Encouraged by the response to Part One of this series, I have more favorites clips to share. If you didn’t get a chance to explore Part One, here you go.

Clips Part One

6. Brain Rules

Time: Varies

Brain Rules Videos

Brain Rules by John Medina is a wonderful book with a bonus of short informative videos. I’ve used Exercise, Attention, Stress and Vision to enhance my presentations.

Some poignant points these videos make:
*Exercise boosts brain power.
*We don’t pay attention to boring things.
*Stressed brains don’t learn the same way.

7. Teamwork Clip

Time: 30 seconds

Teamwork Clip

Having a common goal is an important element of all great teams. This clip reminds us that all of us are mightier than any one of us.

Some poignant points this video makes:
*It’s best to stick together.
*It’s important to be on the same side of the iceberg.

8. Leadership TED Talk

Time: 6:15

Everyday Leadership Clip

I try to watch a TED talk each week. Not only do I get incredible speaking pointers, but I’m always filled with new ideas, research and questions to ponder. This short talk has me thinking a lot about leadership in all parts of my life.

Some poignant points this video makes:

*We need to call ourselves leaders.
*We all have people who have changed our lives to thank.
*We can all matter “that much” to other people.

9. Let People Surprise You Clip

Time: 6:15

Britain’s Got Talent Clip

Many people have seen the famous Susan Boyle clip where the 47-year-old singer rocks the judges and the audience. I still get chills when I watch it.

Some poignant points this video makes:

*All people–big and small–have special talents.
*Don’t be quick with judgments.
*People surprise us when we let them.

10. What I Am

Time: 1:52

Sesame Street and Clip

I love it when favorite artists get together with the folks on Sesame Street. This is a catchy, positive song for any transition, but it could also be an introduction to “What I Am” poems or songs with adjectives of many kinds.

Some poignant points this video makes:

*Keep reaching.
*There is nothing you can’t achieve.
*What I am is…helpful, thoughtful, special, magical, proud…

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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