What’s New On January’s Mentor Texts Shelf?


Every month to get ready for our “What’s New In Mentor Texts?” class I have tough decisions to make deciding on my top two picks for the month. Among the six books that we choose, we try to balance primary and intermediate appeal as well as literary and informational. This month I fell in love with recommendations from bloggers. I learned about The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig from Stacey Shubitz (blogger on the wonderful Two Writing Teachers) when she commented on the blog in November. Then I was introduced to Why Do We Fight? by Niki Walker from The Nonfiction Detectives blog. Best Nonfiction Books of 2013

We had a guest reader this month, our friend and colleague Samantha Munnecke, who brought her love of writing and storytelling to the party.

Click below for a PDF of our handout with a brief summary and ideas of how to the use the text as a writing and reading mentor. Happy reading!


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One thought on “What’s New On January’s Mentor Texts Shelf?

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Heather! I just happened to be visiting and then I saw my name in the post. What a surprise!

    I don’t know Why Do We Fight? by Niki Walker. I will have to check it out on the Nonfiction Detectives blog. I’m always looking for quality nonfiction texts to share.

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