To Give a Thing Its Time

Mother-daughter group was coming to our house for holiday baking and I had promised gingerbread people. Three failed attempts with gluten free gingerbread preceded me (too dense, too crumbly, too dirt-tasting) and I was determined to get it right this year. So I went to our local gluten free store and said, “I need the best gingerbread recipe you’ve got.”

I was given this one.

Pamela’s Gingerbread Cookie Recipe

And it worked.

We mixed and rolled. We froze and cut outlines. We baked and cooled.

It took hours.

Two dozen gingerbread boys and girls came out golden brown in my kitchen that smelled of baked molasses. It was time to decorate! Moms and girls arrived and we brought the cookies to life with icing, red hots, Christmas M & Ms, sanding sugar and glitter sprinkles.

When everyone left and the kitchen was cleaned I sat down and reflected on what it meant to “give a thing its time.” Not the time I think the task SHOULD take. And definitely not a small allotment of time sandwiched between other busy things. Or the time it might take someone more skilled. But exactly the time it takes.

Those gingerbread people are smart. They reminded me of important lessons I can apply in most all areas of my life:

1. Out of many choices of things to do, choose the few that are most important to you.
2. Learn from your mistakes.
3. Ask for help.
4. Get the right recipe.
5. Give a thing its time.
6. Enjoy it and be grateful.
7. Repeat.

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