What’s New On Our Mentor Text Shelf?


My good friends and fellow coaches, Sean Moore (left) and Linda Karamatic (middle), launched a class with me called “What’s New in Mentor Texts?” this fall. The class filled in less than a day with several waiting list requests like, “I know I can’t have a spot, but can I just stand in the back?” It was popular because we promised to share our current favorite mentor texts and circulate them among the schools and teachers. Everyone loves to talk books. Just by luck, our first class was attended by the warm and generous-of-spirit Ellin Keene, co-author of Mosaic of Thought and author of Talk About Understanding (and many more). After consulting on thinking strategies and touring our classrooms during the day, Ellin cozied up in a third-grade classroom after school and added her ideas and laughter to our group.

Each month we have a one-pager that highlights the books and how we’d use them in reading and writing. (Click for PDF) Mentor Texts We’re Circulating –November Originally we were going to pick just one book each and go into depth, but then we decided there was always the one book you picked and then the other book you came really close to picking and still wanted to include. So we agreed to share two: the “one we picked” and the “one we didn’t pick.” Then we do a book talk and get the participants involved in thinking about how else they might use the book. At the end participants sign up on a clipboard and we rotate the books from teacher to teacher.

We are loving the class and wanting to share our mentor text love with you too.

What’s new on your mentor text shelf?

4 thoughts on “What’s New On Our Mentor Text Shelf?

  1. Your course sounds like a wonderful resource. Wish I lived closer. Wow!

    I love the handout you linked to above.

    My most recent favorite book that has multiple uses is The Invisible Boy.

  2. This class is a gem.
    I learn a ton each time I hear you and Linda talk about ways we can use your book selections. Hearing other perspectives like this helps us all go deeper. When I find a book I love, it usually is just a personal, instinctual reaction at first. Mining the books for multiple teaching points as a team is so helpful.

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