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Sleep well. Think well.–John Medina

I made a mistake on Friday. I came home after a full-to-bursting week and popped open a caffeinated beverage that I believed would perk me up and propel me through the evening. It did. I continued to spin and whirl and get more done (though now I’m not sure what that all was). Even though I knew that any caffeine after 2:00 pm keeps me awake, I was so depleted from the week that I thought


Going to bed at 10:30, I watched 11:30, 12:30 and 1:30 roll by. Wide awake. It wasn’t any different. Note to self: when breaking the sleep code, my body will respond predictably.

It’s getting colder as we near the end of October. Our bodies want to stay in bed longer. For many of us it’s dark when we wake. “Hibernate,” our natural rhythms whisper.

I haven’t been listening.

From the sound of it many of my colleagues are in the same place. “I’m exhausted,” I hear. “I need to get more sleep.”

So I rewatched this video on sleep:
John Medina’s Video on Sleep

And then this slideshow:
10 Ways to Sleep Better

I reflect on how I “know” these facts, but it doesn’t mean I’m adhering to the advice. So I’m recommitting to no caffeine after 2:00 pm, a regular bedtime, a quiet book to ease me to sleep (excited to start Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert tonight) and more time to sleep. We’ll often encourage the people around us to “grab another cup of coffee” or “indulge in a glass of wine tonight,” but we rarely wish them more and better sleep.

So I’m starting with you. Get more and better sleep tonight and all this week. Take care of yourself. You deserve it.

5 thoughts on “Get Sleep

    • Clare, Thanks so much for adding your link to the conversation. That vision of “scrubs your brain clean” is so appropriate. I thought of you when I took my son to the east coast a couple weeks ago. I told him how important it was for us to stay on our own time zone (thanks to you and your husband). I won’t be at NCTE this year, but hopefully next year when it’s a little closer. Thanks for your kind words about the blog. It’s a great excuse to push my thinking and writing especially with such a smart, with-it audience.

  1. So very guilty of this. I’ve been trying to improve my “sleep hygiene” for decades. I’m such a night owl. I recently heard that scientists have detected a difference in the brains of night owls. Somehow I hope that justifies it. Sigh. But, yes, I’ve been very tired. Once again I will try to be in bed by 10:30 tonight.

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