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IMG_0332My relationship with my iPhone is on shaky ground. On the one hand I appreciate that she keeps track of my life for me, but on the other hand I spend considerable time with her. I was rereading Byrd Baylor’s The Way to Start a Day when I considered the way I’d been starting my days…

Get up to shut off iPhone alarm
Glance at emails and texts
Play a round of Ruzzle
Check Facebook
Scan weather app
Review calendar

This is much different than Byrd Baylor’s:

“The way to start a day
is this—

Go outside
and face the east
and greet the sun…”

Beginning my day with social media, I allow things outside myself to set the tone for the day. Some days this is fine. I’ll read a funny blog or receive a thoughtful text and think about it as I chew my cereal. Other days it is disconcerting. A lot of bad news gets circulated on social media and starting my day with fearful thoughts or disturbing images affects me. My mind can clutter quickly in those first minutes of the day.

The morning after reading Byrd’s wisdom I got up and stood outside for a full minute. I listened to the birds, pulled a weed, noticed the green of the grass and took a deep breath. Listening to the tweets of actual birds (not Twitter) and feeling the weather first (not my Yahoo! weather app) felt right–more me. That was several weeks ago and I’m still rising and heading outside so I can better connect with my inside.

Does the way you start your day help you feel more “you”?

6 thoughts on “Start the Day

  1. Love the idea of waking up and going outside each morning!! , look at the sky for a few moments. Most of us barely know what the sky looks likes each day. Great idea.
    Heard that putting on your sneakers on first thing every day gives you much more “get it done energy”. Works for me.

    • I like that idea of putting on sneakers to start the day. Especially “get it done” cleaning Saturday. Thank you.

  2. I love this post.

    Being thoughtful about your start does have a big impact. I have had to intentionally NOT listen or watch news in the morning so that I’m focused positively on what’s coming up. Oh, and I also choose “mood music” while I’m putting on makeup – Busy day? = high energy, Stressed for some reason? = Soothing, centering music.

  3. Heather thank you. I have always loved your spirit and writing and this does both together. I will start tomorrow with my coffee, my backyard and a deep breath. Keep up the blog. It’s great!

  4. Heather,

    I am so excited to see your blogsite! Your articles are interesting, easy-to-read, and offer me a sweet take-away. Thanks for sharing your creative spirit!

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