It’s the Little Things


Ahna flips over the cinnamon granola bag, sees the barcode and says, “That’s cool. Look.”

The package designer used the lines to both display the code numbers and outline sticks of cinnamon. For most people that detail will go unnoticed. After all, it’s on the bottom. We scan barcodes, not study them.

But for a few of us, the unique detail delights and intrigues us.

“Little things” have a place in big professional development too. Last June we were introducing the principals in our district to our new writing resource. They were gifted notebooks and given time to write in them. In the back of each one I penned a personal message to that principal. During the workshop we never mentioned the notes.

Fast forward to August when one principal brought her notebook to training and gasped as she paged through it, “I never knew this message was here! Thank you!”

“It’s the little things,” I often say. In a world that competes for our attention constantly, those small, quiet details that suggest thoughtfulness and consideration are the ones that grab my attention.

What little things delight and intrigue you?

2 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. What a great surprise! Love this, Heather!

    Small kindnesses delight me. It can be as simple as a person waiting an extra 15 seconds to hold the door for my daughter and I as we enter a building. (She’s still little and walks very slowly.) I love when people do things like that. It makes me smile. It makes me thankful. It often makes my day.

    • Thank you, Stacey. I really like the image your post left in my mind. The cost of 15 extra seconds is small, but it can remind us of good in the world.

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